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There are many benefits to crate training a puppy, at the same time, limited arguments against it, other than those resulting from the improper introduction of a crate, using the crate for punishment and leaving a puppy in a crate for extreme lengths of time. If the crate is presented under positive circumstances, and associated with positive reinforcements, it is a wonderful tool for shaping a puppy into a well-adjusted dog; ensuring a safe puppy/dog; not to mention an aid in training and serving practical purposes. read more

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About Royvon Dog Training Schools

Royvon Dog Training Schools was founded in 1959 as a boarding kennel by Roy and Yvonne James, renowned for their Championship German Shepherds.

Their children, Darren and Sarah, assumed ownership in 1994, at which time the focus of the operations was pivoted to all areas of dog training and care whilst owners are on holiday. In the last decade, Darren and Sarah have refined its services and have maintained the schools' edge within the industry through innovative customer care and quality training

Royvon exists because of the paramount importance for owners to have control of their dogs. A Royvon customer is not usually interested in competing with their dog, rather just want to enjoy them more. They want to include them in their leisure activities, they want them to be safe and they want others to be safe in their company.

Royvon's Purpose is to enhance the quality of life for dogs and their owners, and for this reason, the company has expanded to reach more dog owners and offer more and varied services. If you do not find the service to suit your needs, please email Royvon at

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