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A puppies need for leadership, most especially in relation to dominance aggression, is a hot topic in today's climate. Some argue that dogs do not form hierarchal packs with humans - information based on studies of dogs in the wild and domestic dogs in both controlled and uncontrolled environments. In these circles, rank reduction programmes are without merit and in severe instances, will induce aggression in response to inappropriate correction (often guised as training). read more

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Puppy Gallery & Stories

We invite you to take a moment to read about some of our guest puppies! Some puppies visit our school with their owners for classroom training or one-to-one training, and some visit and stay for a designated period of time. Those that stay usually live with one of our on-site Trainers, so their behaviour can be shaped in a household environment.

Puppies under 6 months are usually too young to formally obedience train, but never too young to start the shaping process and build a really strong foundation for later learning!

In addition to visiting a Royvon school, we also have in-home services, including puppy consultations, assessments, hands-on training and programme recommendations. For more information on our services, please visit Royvon Services. If you'd like to learn more about Royvon puppies... read on...

Barnaby's Blog

October 16th

Had a great night’s sleep last night, I’ve had an eventful few days. I left my mommy yesterday and a nice lady called Lisa who gave me lots of cuddles and kisses took me away in her car, she brought me straight to a new place where another lady, Jackie also gave me even more cuddles and kisses. I haven’t quite got the hang of these cuddles and kisses, I keep trying to give them to the two ladies but I get a little excited and keep using my teeth to give kisses, the ladies are not always prepared for my ‘cuddles’, when they give me cuddles they both use their arms and hands, I’m trying to copy them and use my two front legs and paws but they don’t seem to like that very much, I must admit that I get excited easily and its hard to keep my back feet on the ground when I try and give them cuddles.

I’m only a little puppy, it’s my 3 month birthday tomorrow. I am already getting used to the new place I live. I have my kennel, it’s a wire crate and when I go in there I have some toys to play with, not the same toys that I play with outside of my crate, the lady said these are my special toys just for when I’m in my crate. I have a teething ring, a soft toy to snuggle up to and big plastic bone with little bumps on it, it feels good when I chew on it, makes my gums feel better, they’ve been sore lately, ever since a couple of my tiny teeth fell out to make room for my ‘big’ teeth. I heard that this will happen until I'm about 7 months old, hope I have plenty of teething toys to help me through this, I would hate to start having to teeth on the nice leather couch over there.

October 18th

What a great place. I have found out that the place I’m living at is called Royvon Dog Training School, I've seen other dogs going for walks on their leashes and the trainers are telling them words like heel and sit, no one has done this with me yet but I did hear someone say that I am a little too young for obedience training, they wont put me in the kennels where all the other dogs are, I'm glad about that really, I walked past there earlier today and all the dogs started to bark a lot, it frightened me a bit but Jackie just patted my head and said “Don’t worry Barnaby, they’re just saying hello”, I'm not so sure but she didn’t seem to be worried….I have learned that Barnaby is my name, I wasn’t quite sure about that but for the last few days there have been a few people that keep saying “Barnaby”, they always say it in a nice friendly tone and sometimes they get down on the ground while they're saying it like they want to play with me, not really sure what that’s about but I have realized that if I then run to them I get lots more cuddles and kisses, sometimes I get a nice little treat like a piece of chicken and everybody is happy, so yes, my name must be Barnaby.

October 20th

I'm so proud of myself, I wanted to do what I see the older dogs doing when they are on a leash so I keep sitting down, Jackie, Jayne and Ian keep saying “good sit” and patting my head when I do this. Then while I was outside I was walking next to Jackie, I stayed close to her and she said “good heel” so I carried on walking next to her, she kept telling me I was a good boy and then when she stopped walking I sat down……I DID IT, I DID IT…..I did what the big dogs can do.

October 21st

Today I went out with Lisa; Jackie says it is important that Lisa and I spend time together as we will be living together in about 3 weeks, I like being with Lisa, we had lots of fun at the lake and I got to meet a few other dogs, they were all older than me. There is another dog at Royvon called Krissie; she lives with Jackie all the time. Every morning and every night we play together, I have learned that biting her ears is not as much fun for her as it is for me so I don’t bite her ears any more….well I do but not so hard.

I’m not sure about going in the car though, once I’ve been in there for a little while though it’s easy for me to go to sleep.

I’m meeting a lot of people too, I’m a little scared of some people, don’t know why because everyone is very friendly and they are always happy to see me, I keep getting told that I’m ‘very cute’ and then people start to play with my ears, why do people do that? Not that I'm complaining, I love all the attention I get.

I’m very tired after my day out, I'm looking forward to getting into my crate so I can fall asleep on my soft bedding, I don’t think I will be playing with my special toys tonight though, I'm just too tired. Its good to know that they are there though so if I wake up during the night I can play with them.

October 23th

I’ve learned so many new words these last few days, I cant remember all of them or what they are supposed to mean but I have learned that NO is not a ‘happy’ word, people sound angry when they use this word….if it makes them angry then why don’t they just use a happy word like…erm….Barnaby or something…..I like that word!!!! Don’t understand these humans sometimes!!!

I must have heard this word about 20 times today, okay….so I cant bite Krissies ears anymore because she gets a little grouchy when I do, but I'm a puppy…doesn’t anyone understand that puppies like to grab hold of things. I grabbed hold of a humans leg earlier today, she was not very happy, I think she was more angry than Krissie was, she said NO very loud and seemed very angry at me, she had a scary look in her eyes so I thought that if I showed how nicely I can sit that she would be happy like everyone else is….she wasn’t, nope….not happy at all, after she shouted NO she just turned away from me and talked to someone else, she actually ignored me, how can anyone ignore a puppy, she kept rubbing her leg where I grabbed her…what can I say…I couldn’t resist but then what puppy could, I have to tell you humans that when you dangle something in front of a puppy we just cant help ourselves, we have this urge to grab it…and I did, well about 3 or 4 fingers anyway. She was not happy and I heard that word again only this time she shouted “NO BITE” well the next thing I knew she was spraying something on her hand and then she actually put her hand in my mouth, I was a little shocked at this behaviour but then I tasted something really yucky. So from what I’ve heard on the ‘doggy grapevine’ this horrible tasting ‘stuff’ is called Bitter Apple….just want to warn all you other puppies out there, you seriously do not want to taste this, its NASTY.

The humans can spray this anywhere, they spray on their hands, their shoelaces, their jeans, their furniture….its everywhere, haven’t tasted it on any of my toys though…that’s a relief….its okay guys the toys are safe.

I have to tell you humans though, just so there is no misunderstanding, us puppies like to grab your hands for a few reason, when you play with us in a way that you are using your hands to push us away…that just makes us want to play with your hands, we don’t have fingers like you do to grab things with so we have to use our mouth, we don’t mean to hurt you but it appears that sometimes we do….so be warned, if you play with us like this then as far as we know this game is fun, we will most likely continue to play this game when we are all grown up and have bigger mouths and big strong teeth, the older dogs have told me that this makes you even more angry than the lady who shouted at me earlier was. The other reason we like to grab your hands is we just never know if there’s some tasty food in it. You give us treats from your hands and then expect us not to look for more?? You are a complicated species!!

October 24th

Today I went to a puppy class, I went up to a Chihuahua puppy to say hello, he was sitting on his owners lap, I thought he looked friendly but when I got near him he barked at me a lot, not as friendly as I thought, don’t really understand why, I only wanted to play with him, so then I walked across the room and there was a BIG malamute, he was fun to play with and we had a great time. The people at Royvon say that all puppies should be socialized because its good for us….I don’t think the Chihuahua agrees with that!! I have heard the trainers talking though about some of the dogs they have on their leash, some of the dogs act very aggressive when they see another dog, the trainers say that sometimes it is because they weren’t socialized when they were just a little puppy like me. How sad….they had no puppy friends to play with.

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