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A dog must not control the household in any manner. Rules need to be established and followed consistently by all family members and visitors to the home. This is especially true for puppies. It is most important for puppies for toilet training and safety purposes, in addition to setting the hierarchy within the home. Dog are opportunists and puppies are no exception, as shaping your puppy's behaviour will be counter-productive if there are no rules and leadership elsewhere in its life. read more

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Teaching obedience need not be formal, complex and something you wait to introduce once the puppy reaches a certain age, rather it can be incorporated into literally everything you do from the moment you welcome your new puppy into your home. The following exercises and games are easy to teach and will set the foundation for future learning. The following games are also easy for children to practise, provided the guardian had worked with the puppy extensively first and is thoroughly assured that the puppy has a soft mouth, the first exercise in the list:

how to play with your puppy


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