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A puppies need for leadership, most especially in relation to dominance aggression, is a hot topic in today's climate. Some argue that dogs do not form hierarchal packs with humans - information based on studies of dogs in the wild and domestic dogs in both controlled and uncontrolled environments. In these circles, rank reduction programmes are without merit and in severe instances, will induce aggression in response to inappropriate correction (often guised as training). read more

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Finding a Breeder

Finding a Breeder

Still feel confident and ready to welcome a puppy to your family? If so, continue following the step-by-step procedure in finding a reputable breeder.

Please remember that the breeder is not only responsible for breeding verified healthy, quality tempered dogs, they also play a role in influencing their first weeks of life, as you'll note in the below puppy shaping links and further considerations

Also, at Royvon, we have developed the "Royvon Responsible Ownership Philosophy", as a guide/check-list or more an ethos to consider prior owning, and throughout your life with your puppy. From this page, you can also view the quality puppy breeders, that that are in alignment with our Responsible Dog Ownership Philosophy, and their litters of puppies currently available.

Once when I went to look at a litter of Great Pyrenees puppies, the breeder asked me to stay outside while she put the bitch away, since the dam was a 'little protective of her puppies.' Female dogs that don't trust strangers around their puppies aren't carrying the genes that I want, so I thanked her and drove away

Patricia B. McConnell, The Other End of the Leash

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