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A puppies need for leadership, most especially in relation to dominance aggression, is a hot topic in today's climate. Some argue that dogs do not form hierarchal packs with humans - information based on studies of dogs in the wild and domestic dogs in both controlled and uncontrolled environments. In these circles, rank reduction programmes are without merit and in severe instances, will induce aggression in response to inappropriate correction (often guised as training). read more

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What Breed Should I Get?

What Breed Should I Get?

All breeds have their charms, as well as pitfalls. While there is no perfect dog, there is likely a perfect dog for you. This section of our web site was designed to help you determine the breed that best suits your lifestyle - better yet, the breed that just might enhance your lifestyle...

People often ask me why on earth I own Boxers? - and I always answer, "because I like to laugh"

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