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A dog must not control the household in any manner. Rules need to be established and followed consistently by all family members and visitors to the home. This is especially true for puppies. It is most important for puppies for toilet training and safety purposes, in addition to setting the hierarchy within the home. Dog are opportunists and puppies are no exception, as shaping your puppy's behaviour will be counter-productive if there are no rules and leadership elsewhere in its life. read more

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Puppy Learning and Development

A puppy’s behaviour is being shaped from the moment they are born. While a puppy’s genetics play a major role in their innate character, how they learn to adjust to their environment is, to a large extent, very much under the owner's control.

Our philosophy is that there is no single “right” way - there are certainly methods that may be detrimental to the well-being of the future adult dog, but there are just as many that will produce desirable results.

We can not stress enough that the most rapid learning for a puppy occurs during its 4th and 16th week of life (depending on breed). Therefore it is so vitally important that new puppy owners are prepared and committed to making the most of this valuable and very short window of time by incorporating behaviour shaping into your daily activities and routine..

They [dogs] have their own traits and instincts, but to a considerable degree they are what we make them, what we teach them to be

Jon Katz, The Dogs of Bedlam Farm

Puppy Learning Stages

To be blunt, a dog's actions are completely and blamelessly selfish. Dogs have no sense of morality and do not distinguish right from wrong. Rather, dogs have two umbrellas from which they operate: Is it rewarding? Does it cause me stress?

The list for either option is exhaustive - in other words, regardless of the choice, it falls under one category or the other.

This information is not good or bad, simply a way to remind yourself that dogs are not human, and if you want to successfully communicate with them, you must do so at their level of learning. And, if you're lucky enough to start the process from the time your puppy is born, every choice you make will most likely shape your puppy's behaviour for life!



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