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A puppies need for leadership, most especially in relation to dominance aggression, is a hot topic in today's climate. Some argue that dogs do not form hierarchal packs with humans - information based on studies of dogs in the wild and domestic dogs in both controlled and uncontrolled environments. In these circles, rank reduction programmes are without merit and in severe instances, will induce aggression in response to inappropriate correction (often guised as training). read more

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Puppy Preparations

Finding a Breeder

Your puppy has just been born, or is about to be born. Start your preparations. Similar to preparing for a new baby, a tiny, living helpless creature with a personality of its own will be depending of you for survival. Are you ready?

The First Weeks

How your puppy's behaviour can be shaped while still with the breeder, mother and litter mates. read more

Planning and Equipment

Everything you can do to physically prepare for your puppy's welcome into your home - includes a checklist of what to know, ask and purchase. read more

Mental Preparations

Everything you can do to mentally prepare for your puppy's welcome into your home and family - includes how to set rules with and for the puppy, prepare children and re-schedule your routines to fit the puppy's early needs and requirements. read more

Bassett puppy
Bassett puppy