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Very young puppies have to be socialised - this is not new news, rather scientific proven theory that has been extensively studied, documented and statistically repeated. read more

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Planning and Equipment

Planning and Equipment

Once you have chosen a breeder and you have come to a mutual agreement, it is time to start preparing for your puppy's homecoming. Following is a check list to get you started:

Look into my eyes -
Deny it. No human could
Love you as I do.

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Find out which vaccinations your puppy will have, and what will be required upon ownership. For a general idea of what to expect, visit the following link: Veterinary Care.

Register your puppy with a veterinary surgeon and book an appointment within the first 48 hours of welcoming your puppy into its new home.

Go shopping

You’ll need a dish for food and one for water, comfortable bedding, toys, collar, lead and grooming tools.

Also consider whether you’ll need puppy-proofing items for your home, such as a baby gate; cleaning supplies, for accidents; a crate, for sleeping and/or transport and, of course, food…

Puppy Food

Make sure you find out what food the breeder is using to wean your puppy. Even if this is not your preferred brand, coordinate a dietary transition by either providing your breeder with food, or purchasing the food the breeder is using for the first couple of weeks within your home environment and plan to gradually make the change. Also, find out what the feeding schedule is and plan to stick to it, or, again, gradually introduce the change.

Register your puppy

Ensure that the breeder signs the “Application to Register a Change of Ownership” section of the registration certificate.

To ensure that you feel absolutely comfortable with your understanding, knowledge and decisions in regards to vaccinations, microchipping, diet, exercise, and general health, also consult with your veterinarian.

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