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There are many benefits to crate training a puppy, at the same time, limited arguments against it, other than those resulting from the improper introduction of a crate, using the crate for punishment and leaving a puppy in a crate for extreme lengths of time. If the crate is presented under positive circumstances, and associated with positive reinforcements, it is a wonderful tool for shaping a puppy into a well-adjusted dog; ensuring a safe puppy/dog; not to mention an aid in training and serving practical purposes. read more

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Rules of the Household

Rules of the Household

A dog must not control the household in any manner. Rules need to be established and followed consistently by all family members and visitors to the home. This is especially true for puppies. It is most important for puppies for toilet training and safety purposes, in addition to setting the hierarchy within the home. Dog are opportunists and puppies are no exception, as shaping your puppy's behaviour will be counter-productive if there are no rules and leadership elsewhere in its life.

Please read our link on Leadership and know that a puppy with clear leadership and boundaries is a settled puppy that matures into a well adjusted adult dog. Puppies, or dogs without, often display erratic, unmanageable behaviour.

If you find this hard to believe, here is a simple test for dog owners, or owners of out-of-control puppies: If your dog is highly distracted and showing any signs of aggressive behaviour, observe the behaviour without attempting to get your dog's attention.

Note how long it takes for your dog to look to you, if they look to you at all. A dog that does not look to its owner in a stressful situation, is very likely shouldering the burden. Earn your puppy's trust and lead them through example - if you do so, you will have a much happier dog.

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