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The hard rule of house training or toilet training a puppy is controlling everything they do, in other words, 100% management of what they do at every moment in the day, every day. Rewarding desired behaviour (going to the toilet outside) and re-directing undesired behaviour (the puppy showing signs of needing to use the toilet while in the house).

Following is an example of a normal, expected puppy toilet training routine:

Make an association for the puppy whilst toilet training, as dogs learn almost exclusively through operant and classical conditioning. In plain words, this means immediate reinforcement, whether that be positive or negative, at the exact moment of the behaviour. In the matter of house training a puppy, it is conditioning the location of the behaviour - toilet outdoors versus toilet indoors. Choose a command word for your toilet training, a example being, "outside" or "be quick", and say it every time you take your puppy outside for toilet time.

Be absolutely consistent in your reinforcement - unlike humans, dogs can not make logical leaps in connecting cause and effect. When the puppy uses the toilet outside, reward them immediately; when the puppy shows signs of using the toilet inside the house, gently correct them with your voice ("ah ah") and gently, but quickly and enthusiastically, lead them to the appropriate space using your command word.

Ideally, (and this is entirely possible), if you have a healthy, happy puppy and manage 100% of their time using 100% consistent and timely reinforcements during puppy toilet training, you will never have an accident in the house. They may seep a spot or two in the process, but your carpets should be safe. And, as the puppy further develops, you extend the time between taking them out, and you become more and more familiar with their digestive schedule and ways of telling you they have to go out, and any time you take them to a new environment, you repeat the procedure until they are consistent in every situation. Following are points to consider in bullet-proofing your puppy toilet training plan:

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Where's the loo? I can't smell it anywhere.

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